Returns & Refunds

beware - return of the faulty

We are a fan of the classics like barter system, hence we do not offer any cash refund services.

All faulty products must be returned and received by BMall before a buyer is eligible for the replacement. The product needs to be in a new and unused state and shall be in the original packaging if it is still applicable.

If not, you shall ensure that it is packaged properly. This is because if the faulty product is being returned to us in an unacceptable condition, we shall reserve the right on not to present you with a replacement.

We will consider the delivered product to be in a good condition if there is no report for replacement after 3 days from the delivery arrival date. We may reject any request reported thereafter. The cost for returns shall be borne by the buyer.

the replacement pit stop

This is a station where we will guide you on the proper procedures to get your faulty products replaced.

Only these three types of faulty products are eligible for replacement: 1. Damaged products If damages or defects are spotted in products purchased, please take a photo of the product with the order number and write us a short description. 2. Incorrect products If the products received are incorrect in either colour, design, quantity or size, please take a photo with the order number and provide us with a short description. 3. Missing products All the products purchased shall come with a label of their own distinctive order number. Occasionally, products may be packed closely to one another and it is difficult to see all of them clearly. If the order number label can be found, the product should be inside. If both the product and order number label are absent, please inform us about the missing order number. In the event of seeking for replacement, please follow the steps given and email to our Customer Service Team at or give a call to 04-2406322. If the product returned to us is found not faulty, we may at our discretion decide not to compensate you with a replacement.